View of restored Belvedere Lake and Great Lawn taken from the Belvedere Castle Cir. 1865; Landis as soil, drainage, and engineering consultant to Central Park Conservancy, Inc. 1998 Design Honor Award, ASLA and 1998 Best Site Design Award, F.W. Dodge New York Construction News.

Landis, PLLC is a professional environmental consulting and landscape architectural firm that provides services to other landscape architectural, architectural, engineering, and law firms across the US. Landis’ environmental technical services deal with soil, hydrologic, surface waters, ground waters, and surface and subsurface drainage issues in ecological restoration and construction projects. Landis is involved in designing custom urban soils for urban landscape architectural projects. The firm also provides expert witness environmental and hydrologic services for toxic tort, condemnation, and environmental damage cases in federal and state courts.

Landis, PLLC specializes in complex projects and sites that require unique custom designed environmental solutions.  Sometimes the environmental solution requires Landis to create techniques never previously used, and sometimes we apply existing scientific solutions, but  in totally new ways. The creation of unique solutions occurs as a response to the client’s direction or based upon our need to find a better environmental solution for the client.

Poster of Belvedere Lake and Belvedere Castle showing the Dragon Fly species that were preserved.  The number and diversity  of the species significantly increased due the ecological improvements to the lake.

Landis, PLLC provides sustainable, ecological, stormwater, and cutting edge innovative design solutions to restore and create sustainable parks, greenways, and open spaces in our cities. Landis has worked with on design teams involved in the Restoration of Great Lawn and Belvedere Lake in Central Park and Nelson Rockefeller Hudson River Park, both in New York, NY; Restoration of Main Fountain Garden at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA; Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial, Washington, DC; North Carolina Museum of Art, Garden Expansion and Moore Square Park, both in Raleigh, NC; and North Carolina Arboretum, Asheville, NC.

Aerial view of Great Lawn, Belvedere Lake, and the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  The lawn soils have the capacity to infiltrate a 100-year rainstorm occurring 1 hour before a concert event and then to host ½-million spectators without any damage to the lawn.

Nelson Rockefeller Hudson River Park, New York, NY; Landis as soils consultant to the Battery Park City Authority (BPCA) NY, NY

Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial, Washington, DC, Landis as soil and hydrologic design consultant to
Gehry Associates, Inc. + AECOM Joint Venture, Los Angeles, CA and Alexandria, VA

Presidio Parkway & Tunnels, San Francisco, California; Landis as planting soil consultant to
Presidio Trust, Inc., San Francisco, California; the tunnels allow for unobstructed views of bay.

Design of North Carolina Arboretum Gardens, Infrastructure, and Fredrick Law Olmsted Parkway, Asheville, NC as consultant to O’Brien Atkins Associates, RTP, NC.

Restoration of Main Fountain Garden at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA; Landis as soil and hydrologic consultant
to West 8, New York, NY (above and below)