United States of America Settles Inverse Condemnation Claims of Tyrrell County, N.C. Farmer Concerning Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in Washington and Tyrrell Counties, North Carolina
July 2001

The United States Department of Justice recently settled an inverse condemnation case in the United States Court of Federal Claims from a case brought by Summerfield Farms, Inc. and Roy H. James. Summerfield Farms, Inc. had alleged that implementation of the water management plans of the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge and United States Department of Interior had flooded their farm and had damages their crops since 1991. The Wildlife Refuge has been raising the ground water table within its properties in Washington and Tyrrell Counties but, denied any affect upon the adjacent farmlands.

The Justice Department employed Dr. Barrett L. Kays, Soil and Groundwater Scientist, and President of Landis, Inc. of Raleigh, NC and Ms. Lois D. George, Vice-President of P.E. LaMoreaux & Associates of Tuscaloosa, AL to investigate the claims and serve as expert witnesses. Mr. Alan Brenner, Senior U.S. Attorney, Environment and Natural Resources Division of U.S. Department of Justice has handled the case.