Dr. Barrett Kays is a talented, innovative and award winning ecological and earth scientist, recognized for detailed and accurate analysis of natural resources, terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, critical habitats, watersheds, wetlands, surface waters, ground waters, soil systems, and contaminated sites. He blends his commitment for rigorous scientific and analytical basis for evaluation of natural resources with his knowledge of federal and state natural resource damage assessment and environmental regulations. He has served as ecological & earth sciences consultant to USACOE, USDOJ, USGSA, and USFWS. Dr. Kays has 38 years in expert environmental investigations, expert witness testimony, and has directed investigative projects in CA, GA, FL, IA, ID, IN, IL, LA, MS, MO, NC, NJ, NY, SD, TX, and VA.

Henderson County Drainage District #3, et al. vs. United States of America, US Federal Court of Claims, alleged flooding, drainage, crop damages to eleven agricultural drainage districts in Illinois and Missouri due to the Upper Mississippi Dams; Landis as soil, hydrology, and drainage expert witness for USDOJ and USACOE.

Dr. Barrett Kays has also been involved in eighty-three cases involving:

  • Stormwater, drainage, flooding, sedimentation cases,
  • Eminent domain cases,
  • Construction/Environmental damage cases,
  • Toxic tort cases, and
  • Professional liability cases.

Cheyenne River Sioux Indian Tribe vs. United States of America, US Federal Court of Claims, alleged flooding and sedimentation damages to Moreau River due to the Oahe Reservoir on Missouri River in South Dakota; Landis as soil and sedimentation  expert for USDOJ and USACOE. Plaintiffs’ alleged that the damages included over 2-feet of sediment  across 35 square miles of floodplain along the Moreau River (damage claim parcels shown below).