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Challenging Sustainable Goals for Landscape Architects
May 2009

Problem Solving in Stormwater Wetland Ponds: It’s All in the Muck
April 2007

Innovative Stormwater Treatment Systems for Northern Guilford Middle & High School Campus
January 2005

Drainmod Model Established in United States Federal Court of Appeals
January 2004

Drainmod Methods Approved by North Carolina Health Services Commission
February 2003

Sediment Control & Environmental Management Commissions Zero In on Turbidity Controls
May 2002

DrainMod Computer Simulation Used to Prove Wetlands Aren’t Really Wetlands
February 2002

NCDOT Settles Controversial Condemnation Case Involving Wetlands
January 2002

EPA Cites Eight Developers in Fairfax County, Virginia for Stormwater Violations
October 2001

Wilmington North Carolina Company Sues Company for Alleged Release of Hazardous Waste and Contamination of Plaintiff’s Property and Groundwater
September 2001

Fairfax County, Virginia Sues Local Homebuilder for Off-Site Sediment, Erosion, and Stormwater Damages
August 2001

EPA Cites Three Developers in Chesapeake and Suffolk, Virginia for Ditching and Draining Wetlands
August 2001

United States of America Settles Inverse Condemnation Claims of North Carolina Farmer Concerning Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in Washington and Tyrrell Counties, North Carolina
July 2001

New York City’s Battery Park City Authority Settles Claims Against Architects, Landscape Architects, and Raytheon Corporation
June 2001